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I have a Varian 720 ICP-OES and I recently purchased a software upgrade. I am currently running ICP Expert II version 1.1 on a Windows XP computer. I have installed my new software on a Windows 10 computer and am now stuck at the part for migrating my database to flat file. In looking through the new software I am not seeing anywhere that it uses the database system for methods and worksheets. I am not sure if that is because it no longer works like that or if it is because I have to copy my current database to be installed in the program. I also see in doing that I'm going to need to update my current system to Windows 7 in order to upgrade. That seems like a lot of work. If the new software is not going to use a database I find it would be easier to just rebuild my methods in the new system. Does anyone have any insight or guidance?

  • The Windows 10 version 2.x software operates as flat file only, and not database. Therefore, you are correct that you would need to migrate your databases to flat file, but because you have version 1.1 on Windows XP, you would need to upgrade that version to Windows 7 first.  I agree with you that it is easier to rebuild your worksheets in the new software. 

  • So I am correct that this software will work more like the first ICP Expert software I had on my Varian Vista? 

  • Hey Tina,

    I am experiencing the exact same situation, customer is currently running at ICP EXPERT 1.11 (Windows XP - DataBase Version) and just bought the ICP EXPERT 2.0 ( running on Windows 10 64Bits). According to some material that came with the new software I must upgrade the DataBase in Windows 7 in order to convert DATABASE to Flat file.

    My question is: How to do that ?
    What version of ICP EXPERT + SDA should I install at another Windows 7 PC to upgrade the DATABASE and be able to Convert it ?

    Is there any procedure to do this ?

    Thanks for your help.

    Rodrigo Machado 

  • This was my question originally. I just thought it would be easier to print the method from the current ICP expert software and build new methods in the new software using all the configurations I had been using. I am not a computer tech and we don't have one on site so I just did what was easier for me. It seemed like a lot of unnecessary work to keep copying and upgrading the version of windows. 

  • You are right.... 

    Unfortunately this particular customer asked to do the migration, they need to be able to see the result  from  all the Old DataBases at the new software. 
    So If the correct procedure is to upgrade to windows 7 and then convert, I must do it... customer is pushing very hard to have access to this old Worksheets.

    Thanks tpcardinal

  • I am attaching a document which shows how to do this. I hope this will help you!

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