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I have a Varian 720 ICP-OES and I recently purchased a software upgrade. I am currently running ICP Expert II version 1.1 on a Windows XP computer. I have installed my new software on a Windows 10 computer and am now stuck at the part for migrating my database to flat file. In looking through the new software I am not seeing anywhere that it uses the database system for methods and worksheets. I am not sure if that is because it no longer works like that or if it is because I have to copy my current database to be installed in the program. I also see in doing that I'm going to need to update my current system to Windows 7 in order to upgrade. That seems like a lot of work. If the new software is not going to use a database I find it would be easier to just rebuild my methods in the new system. Does anyone have any insight or guidance?

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