Determination heavy metal using ICP-OES

Hello, anyone here know about how to determine heavy metal (Pb,Cd,As,Hg,Sn) in dairy product by using ICP-OES with microwave digestion? i used to determine the sample with axial view, but the linearity just didnt meet, fyi I use seaspray nebulizer and cyclonic spray chamber, and I dilute Sn standar with 0.1 N HCl. Thank you in advance.

5100 icp-oes heavymetal

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  • OK, first you need to increase your read time to at least 30 seconds, preferably 60 seconds. At 10 seconds, you are probably not seeing a peak for the 5ppb standard, which is why your calibration is failing (not linear). How low are you trying measure? Turn on the Polyboost and read in the axial view only. For Pb, try using the Pb 182nm wavelength and 220nm. For As use 188 and 193nm.  For Hg use 184 and 194nm. For Sn, use 189 and 283nm. Cd is very sensitive at 214 and 226nm.   I

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