Determination heavy metal using ICP-OES

Hello, anyone here know about how to determine heavy metal (Pb,Cd,As,Hg,Sn) in dairy product by using ICP-OES with microwave digestion? i used to determine the sample with axial view, but the linearity just didnt meet, fyi I use seaspray nebulizer and cyclonic spray chamber, and I dilute Sn standar with 0.1 N HCl. Thank you in advance.

5100 icp-oes heavymetal

  1. dairy & fatty matrices
  • When you say the linearity "didn't meet" can you give an example? Because the concentration levels of these heavy metals are low, you don't need to calibrate very high in concentration. Are you using the most sensitive wavelengths? Using adequate read time of at least 30 seconds? Tell us more about your method please.

  • I mean the graphic didn't linear, i used the 1st wavelength which recommend by software, and for read time i read the sample at 10 seconds, can you give me more advices about how to develop method for determination of heavy metals (esp. Pb, Cd, As, Hg, Sn) by using ICP-OES? thank you 

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