Timeout in plasma controller state operations (State 7)

My Agilent 5110v ICP-OES returns an error message "Timeout in plasma controller state operations (State 7)"  or "ErrorNumber_PLASMA_CTRL_BASE_STATE_TIMEOUT" and the plasma fails to lit. Please, what how do I fix the error? I have cleaned the torch, and the spray chamber and also changed the tubings

  • Please ensure all the pump tubing has sufficient tension on them. You can disconnect the spray chamber from the bottom of the torch, then cover the bottom of the torch with a piece of parafilm. Try to light the plasma again. If it lights this way, then it tells you that there was some air leak through the autosampler tubing, not enough tension on the peristaltic pump tubing, etc.

    If it still doesn't light, try a different torch. Make sure the torch is clean and completely dry.

  • Thank you very TMCSweeney. 

    The torch, spray changer and pump tubings have all been checked and they are fine. I however noticed that the current recorded during ignition period is 3.5A, which is lower than the expected 3.718A. As result, the system times out and gives the error "Timeout in plasma controller state operations (State 7)"  or "ErrorNumber_PLASMA_CTRL_BASE_STATE_TIMEOUT" . 

  • Hi GodFred,

    It looks like you have a bad RF High Voltage Power Supply.  You will need to call in to your country's Agilent (800) # to open a service call or get a quotation for trade service..

    If you are in the USA, it is 800-227-9770 hit 3 for customer service so we can open you a service request to get this repaired for you.  We will need the SN# for the 5110 to get your call open faster.


    Thanks for the question, and I am sure others will have it too.

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