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I have 3 ICP-MS installed in our cleanroom that I'm trying to get connected to a local network. Each instrument has it's own computer to access the Mass Hunter software. When I connect all 3 instrument and 3 computers to a switch hub, I get communication errors. All 6 items have their IP addresses changed to match our labs local network. I am able to connect 1 computer and 1 ICP-MS to the hub, but as soon as another computer is added, this communication error is caused. What am I missing? It seems the computer knows which instrument to talk to as I enter in the instruments IP address inside Mass Hunter, but the instrument doesn't know which computer it needs to communicate with. Any help would be appreciated. 

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  • Hi

    If during ping, IP address is not giving any response then it will not communicate with instrument.

    By the way, why you want to change IP.

  • The default IP is set up to work with a closed network i.e. no LAN using a crossover cable.  I wish to have the PC communicate with the corporate network and have a switch hub for this purpose.  Thus, it requires two static IP addresses to be assigned to both the ICP and the PC, which are both compliant with the corporate LAN.  On newer models this is done by using a browser to look at the IP firmware dialogue and it is changed that way.  With the 7700x I dont believe there is such a browser based user interface, and I reckon bootp, or some other means is used.    I would be more comfortable with an actual procedure.  

    There is a file called EDIT HOSTS in the startup menu of ICP masshunter.  But I doubt editing this alone will change it?

  • Hi Bob,

    The instruction to adjust the IP address for the 7700 is added. This instruction if from the installation manual you get with a new instrument. the BootP program connect the icpms hardware (MAC) address with an ip address. this is how the icpms get another IP address. After this the IP address in the MassHunter should be adjust to the new one. could be done in the EDIT HOST or in the communication in the MassHunter. 

    Be aware to note the new IP address and the  MAC address somewhere you could find back easy. like a sticker on the instrument. this is useful when there are network or pc issues.

  • Very delayed response!  apologies, but I have moved organisation and am now under this profile.  Thanks for the advice above... notwithstanding a few tweeks and updates to the hardware configuration, and a slight time delay (few mins) in the firmware recognising changes were made, the above worked a treat and the LAN works fine.  Thanks again... Brian.

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