How to remove this red status in FTIR

  • By no means am I a professional, but your system is lacking a good amount of energy. My system is set to an energy of around 20000, and the source is on about 2000. There is a file called mtest.exe, which allows you to tweak power and other stuff on the spectrometer. I don't recommend you find and go into the program, rather you should get it checked out by an engineer.

  • Hi Layden,

    your source has died (normal ratio Amps/Volts should be starting at 1.9/2.7). Each year you will find a decline in Amps until it has reached 1.6, then it will give a red bar. In your case it's 0, so the filament is probably broken - your source has worn out. Contact your local CustomerCare team to make an appointment for replacing the source.

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