Cary 630 using micro lab pc system check

I have Cary 630 running on Micro Lab PC SW, but when I try to perform the system check the status light goes from green to yellow and it will not allow me to start the test. Should I be changing something before initiating the system check?

  • Hi @ jesus5802

     Try to adjust gain, from advanced features/Diagnostics/Adjust Gain

    Tr to adjust  Gain to get the energy around 25000 counts, then save the  gain value

      There are two (2) options for saving the new Gain value.

          a.   The < Set Method Gain > button will set the gain the value in the method that is currently open (indicated in the top Right-Hand corner.) This means that every time             the method is selected and activated, the gain will be set to the gain value stored in the method. This is independent of what accessory is attached to the

                instrument, so use this option with caution as it may disrupt the use of the method with other accessories.

          b.  The < Set Instrument Default Gain > will store the gain value in the instrument. The instrument has the capabilities of storing gain values for (4) accessories. This

                means that when an accessory is attached to the instrument, the software reads the accessory setup from the instrument and sets the gain accordingly. This is option

                that is normally used.


     Click  < Set Instrument Default Gain > button. 

      Click the < Home > button.    

     please tell me if it works



  • Hi,
     This worked for me. Changed the gain so the signal was just over 25000 and the test was running fine.

    Thank You
    Jesus Garcia

  • Hi.
    The testing is running fine until about 96% complete then it gives me the error message below. I tried running the performance test and the laser test but it gives the same result. Is the some another change I need to make to the settings?



  • Hi  @

    Here are the possible causes

    1. The Public or SystemCheckMethods database may not be attached to SDA.
    2. The Public or SystemCheckMethods database may not be accessible to the SCM user who is logged in to MicroLab.
      • In SCM, check that the user is associated with a group and project which has access to the database. Be sure to log into MicroLab using this group and project. 
    3. The Public or SystemCheckMethods database may not be accessible to the Windows user who is logged in to Windows. 
      • In SDA, confirm in the Database Accounts tab that the Windows user (or BUILTIN/Users) has access to these databases.
    4. The methods may have been modified or deleted from the Public or SystemCheckMethods database, or from the C:\Users\Public Documents\...\MicroLab\Methods folder for non-Pharma.
      • The methods used in MicroLab OQ and MicroLab PC System Check are in the \DTGS folder. For example Public Methods\DTGS\StabilityTest.a2m
      • If using MicroLab Pharma, open the method and click the 21 CFR part 11 button. Check the audit log for any changes and revert them.
    5. When creating a Group in SCM, the Public database should be linked first, and then followed by the SystemCheckMethods databas
    6. I will appreciate your feedback.Thanks
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