Cary 5000: 9:128Write timeout

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after an "out of memory" error we occasionally encounter the "Error code :9:128Write timeout" with multiple instances at the same time. Afterwards, the instrument trys to reset itself, but gets stuck in a loop, unless the measurement software on the PC is closed. While resetting, grinding noises sometimes occur. Does someone know how to solve this issue?



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    A write timeout error indicates a communication problem between the instrument and the computer.  Remove the GPIB communication cable at both ends and reinstall it.  This action will improve the physical connection.  You can also try reinstalling the GPIB drivers.  You will find drivers at National Instruments website.

    The computer may be running out of space on the hard drive, so it’s probably a good idea to perform some disk maintenance, like defragmenting  and cleaning the drive.  There are many tools available online or within Windows for maintaining a healthy computer.


    A grinding noise indicates a hardware failure such as a micrometer issue.  Please contact your local Agilent contact center for onsite service options.





  • Dear Mike,


    thank you for your assistance. After reinstalling the cables and powering the system, the initialization of the instrument fails with all kinds of errors:

    9:9614NMP:E9614 8031 timeout

    9:9604NMP:E9604 Microm datum

    9:9328SEQ:E9328 fatal initialisation

    9:9610NMP:E9610 stepper int busy

    9:64 Read time out

    As you said, this does not seem to be easily fixable and a service technician is requested, I appreciate your help though!

    Kind regards 

  • Onsite service is required for this repair.  It's likely the micrometers will need to be replaced.

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