Cary 5000 UV-VIS-NIR error codes

My cary 5000 UV-VIS-NIR shows Error code 9:9339SEQ NIR wavelength calibration failed and 9:9303SEQ Unable to initialize the instrument.

What is wrong with this machine and how could I fix the problem.

Thanks a lot for your advice in advance.



  • Hello:


    First, check the lamps, and if more than 500 hours of use,replace them.


    The part numbers are:

    Part Number    Description
    11071399          deuterium lamp Cary 4/5/6000i
    5610013900       visible lamp Cary 4/5/6000i


    If the problem is not resolved it may be time for a service call.  the micrometers may be required.





  • Mike,

    Thank you for your sugestion.

    I have a question for you before I place an order for lamps.


    I already replaced visible lamp and wonder why I need to replace deuterium lamp when there is NIR wavelength calibration failed error code.  Replacing deuterium lamp as remedy for 9:9303SEQ ?


    Thank you.



  • Hello,


    When you have the error message 9303, the instrument can't initialize itself.

    The question is why? My colleague asked you to replace also the UV lamp because the Cary will initialize itself in UV region first. The detector needs to see a peak in this region. If you have a bad signal in UV, the initialization could fail.


    In this case, the first thing to do is to replace Visible and UV lamps.


    As Mike said if the problem is not resolved it may be time for a service call.


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  • Hello


    From my experience,

    1.  if the customer is using accessory(like Internal/External DRA, UMA etc.., you should remove it first.

    2. Check the shutter of both sides in sample compartment. (you can check it by setting 7-digit dial on main board)

    3. set the dial as 15 then check the zero-order light. If the timing belt is not installed correctly, 2 grating will make different diffraction angle. Align it, if it is not good.




  • Sometimes, you need to check contamination of  NIR-Grating . 

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