I would like to use compound Math with multiple compound groups, is this possible?

I have 2 analytes out of a large list that I would like to sum. I can get it to work with only one compound group for the compound math parameter. I am using multiple compound groups already for data review and reporting. The compound math doesn't work when I give it multiple compound groups.

this works, calculates my total: 

But this does not: 

I need the total to report in multiple groupings. But the "Z" group is only applied to the individual parameters I need summed. 

I don't really want to add the sum to my reports, they work and are used to transfer to my LIMs so updating can be cumbersome.

Is there a way to make the compound math work and have it in multiple compound groups for reporting purposes?  

  • Hello  ,

    Compound math aggregate compounds can only contain one group. That group cannot be a group of groups, at least the last time I looked at this in 10.x. I'm not aware of any changes in later versions. If multiple groups are specified it will either do nothing or may only work on the first group. 

    I'm not exactly following what you want to do. If you want to have a compound math group for BTEX, VOC, etc, you would need to make new aggregate compound for each group. 

    If you want to perform compound math on multiple compound math results that is not possible with compound math. You could program a script or custom calculation to do this, but that would be the only option I'm aware of.

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