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Hello all,

I often come to instruments that are set-up by the service engineers just before I get to them.  In order for our reporting methods to work we need to know the location of  the Excel Add-ins.  In previous versions of MassHunter we were able to find them in a regular place. They would all be in the location given below:

but in MH12 the Quant files seem to be in a different location. 

This is what we have found:

This is what we are looking for:

Is anyone aware of where we can find this?

Thank you for any help you can provide us!

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  • Hello Howard,

    Thank you so much for your input!  This helped on one of our workstations but not on another one.  I tried running the repair for quantitative analysis softwares, but that hasn't helped.  When I go back into the quant analysis installer it continues to say "Repair" under 'Action'.  Is there anything else I can do for this one?

    This system is one that I installed MH12.1 (it started with MH 12.0), and am noticing here and in the Windows App Settings, Quant is still showing as 12.0, where it shows as 12.1 in the system that your suggestion worked for. 

    Thank you again for your help!

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