Reporting Template for Mass Hunter after moving to a different computer.

Recently, our computer died, and I had to use an older computer for my data acquisition and analysis.  I had been using a reporting template under the "Quant\PDF-Reporting\".  I had been using this template for the last few years.  It produces the *.xml files without any problems.  Under my replacement computer the reports come out as *.csv files.  The templates I chose is the *.xml.  Is there something I am missing?

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  • Installed on Windows 7 or Windows 10, MH Quant B.09.00 would create the exact same report templates.  The report template .xml files evoke python scripts located in the Codes folder.  The installed Codes folder is the same for both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

    I can't speculate on why you are seeing a difference.  The template was created specifically because the template produces .csv files.

    - Bill

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