How to use Standard additions in MassHunter quant. Software gives correct intercept but doesn't provide corrected calculated value

I set up a Standard Additions batch in MH. 10.1. The result for L0, which is the base + internal standard only, only shows the calculated y intercept. It doesn't correct for the slope to give true intrinsict value of analyte in the base. How do i set up MH to properly report the true value?

  • Hello  ,

    To use standard addition there are some very specific setup steps that must be followed. The order in the batch table and the labeling of the samples and standards is critical. They must be Sample, Cal 1, and then Cal 2. It does not appear that the level name is critical, but it is best to keep it simple and go with L1 and L2. 

    If this is done, once the Standard Addition box is checked in the method Globals Setup then you should see the results and the curve.

    I don't have any actually Std Addition data, so these are just some standards from the DOA data set.

  • Hi Howard,
    I think that does. Our team has been discussing Standard Additions recently and a bunch of questions had come up on why MH wasn’t providing correct result. Most people were still using Excel to calculate results. I had felt that was stupid since MH wouldn’t have a Standard Additions option if it didn’t give correct result.
    Thanks for getting back so quickly.
    Kenneth Gordineer
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