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I have nearly the same problem therefore I will use this post:

I have left/right delta RT and spectrum summation as integration parameters. The integration is perfect but I just want to see the whole window to make sure I have the right Peak :) (there is a second peak in the near). I just want to make the view of the window a little bit bigger. I tried out "RT-Window" but nothing happened. Thanks for the answer.

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    I split this to a different discussion since I believe there are features other than the RT and reference windows that will assist with what you are trying to do.

    RT Window is the outlier limit setting for the retention time. This is not very clear from the title, but it only controls at what point a compound's RT will be flagged for being outside of its expected retention time.

    If you want to have a wider view of your target without changing the delta RT setting you have a few options. In the Method Editor you can right click and choose Show Wider RT Range to effectively zoom out around a peak. This option will not work in batch view. 

    In either Batch view or Method editor you can right click and drag on the x axis to expand or compress the amount of time shown. Left click and drag will shift the view left or right. You will know you have the cursor positioned correctly when it turns to a double arrow icon.

    You can also go to the View menu and enable the Sample Information window. This will show the complete chromatogram with the select compound overlaid. 

    One last option would be to use the Update Retention Time Tool, found in the Method editor within the Update menu. This will open an interactive graphics tool where you can quickly switch compounds and views between the Entire Range, Extraction Range, or Extraction Range x2.

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