Why are my pdf Qual report templates no longer readable with report builder?

I have a report template that I edited using report builder (probably 10.1). I installed Quant 10.1 which also updated report builder to 10.2. I think.

The error is

'Cannot activate designer

'Agilent.MassSpectrometry.DataAnalysis.CustomWorkflowReport.DataSourceDesigner_10_0, RptBldReportEngine'

Anyway whether this is the cause or not I can no longer edit the template and I NEED to. It has been a while since I last edited am I doing something stupid? I am attaching the template file. 


qualitative reports


Update: also have the same problem with all versions of report builder I can find.

  • UPDATE-The more elegant solution can be found in this discussion.

    (+) Report Builder 10.1/10.2 compatibility - Forum - Mass Spectrometry Software - Agilent Community

    Hi Peter,

    We just recently discovered a defect in the Quant 10.1 installer. The defect is that the installer is proceeding to uninstall report builder 10.1 (installed/used/required by Qual 10.0). 


    We are proceeding to escalate this defect and develop a more elegant solution than the following workaround:


    Qual 10.0 requires Report Builder version 10.1. This version can be installed directly from the Qual 10 media by running the ReportBuilder.msi under the "\ReportBuilder" directory. However - this installer will stop when it detects that Report Builder 10.2 is present (installed by Quant 10.1). 


    Therefore, to proceed - one would remove Report Builder 10.2 from Add/Remove Programs and Features (via Windows Control Panel). 


    Once Report Builder 10.2 is removed - the 10.1 install will complete successfully and Qual's editing functionality will be restored.


    To make further modifications to Quant Report Builder templates - one would then re-install the Report Builder 10.2 included with Quant 10.1 (also available under the \ReportBuilder directory on that media), which will remove Report Builder 10.1 again. 


    This is a very unfortunate situation that we are actively working to rectify - but for the moment this is the only solution.



    Matt Leyden

  • Ok thak s Matt

    I have reverted to report builder 10.1 and it is now editable.

    thanks for your time.


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