Opening a processed batch and I'm met with and audit hash error

Has anyone seen this before? Nothing has changed on the batch, it simply wont let me open it. This is on our internal PCs rather than instrument PCs. This is on Masshunter version 10.2

  • hello sir

    i think this batch was created before applying audit trail to the software .

    when not using Audit trail , the batch file in windows is  one file only (.bin)

    after applying the Audit trails another file is created with batch named Auditrail file

    now if the software is Audi trailed but the old batch is not , this make some issues in the software

    i dont know how to solve it but you can create the batch again , or remove the Audit trail temporarily and open it .


    another reason maybe the reason  if the batch is already created after Applying the Auditrail not before , this happens when Audit trail file is missing for some reason , or someone tried to edit the internal content of the file, so it become corrupted

  • Hello  ,

    Were you able to resolve the issue with opening your quant batch file? As  mentioned, the error can be caused if you have some quant installations set to use audit trails and others that do not. A batch that has had audit trails enabled can be opened and saved on a data system without auditing enable, but if this is done then the batch cannot be opened again on a system with auditing enable, since the hash file would not have been updated. 

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