Any way to be notified when a method is started, ended and an analysis report is available?


I am very new to the Agilent equipment, software and biology things in general. Sorry in advance for the newbie questions.

I am supporting from the IT infrastructure point of view our scientists using those tools.

After looking around, I couldn't find a reliable way to know programmatically and externally from Masshunter, if a method is started/running/done (or more granular status info), and also if the qualitative data and report is available.

In other vendor tools, there are crude ways to be notified for instance when the analysis report is done and actually receive it automatically via email or by calling an external binary.

Is there some more programmer/automation oriented documentation for Masshunter I should go over?

My interest is in getting documentation of the different configuration files (e.g. Methods, Worklist), being able to generate them, load them automatically, and retrieve the data and reports when we know the methods/analysis is done.

thanks for any pointers if there is anything.

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