A question about component Area in Unknowns Analysis

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I am currently doing untargeted analysis using the Unknown analysis software. I could «identify» some compounds of interest, which is great. Now, my next step is to do a semi-quantification of my compounds using my internal standard. I have the option to use the FID signal or TIC, but I do have co-elution. Therefore, I started using the component area, which is (I believe) more specific to a compound and could take care of the coelution problem.

My question is: Can I use the component area of the identified compounds, including my internal standard and manually calculate the ratio (Area,cp/Area,Std*C,Std) for semi-quantification? 

I would appreciate, before going further to have your opinion about this.



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  • Thank you so much for your answer. I was doing un targeting  analysis on my set of data, therefore I did not specify any ions. The software I believe picks a same number of ions for each component that it choose itself. Probably the major ones?! I did compare few compounds in terms of tic and component area; it was pretty much the same except when co elution. I find more convenient and faster to identify and semi quantify using the mass hunter unknown analysis software but I want to be sure to justify it correctly if a reviewer asks me about this specific point after submission of the article. What do you think Howard? I appreciate your help and wish you a wonderful day.

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    Unknowns Analysis will perform the amount estimation using the settings supplied in your method. You would need to determine for your particular application whether or not this estimation is adequate or appropriate for the purposes of your experiment. You should discuss this with a lab manager or supervisor to assist you with this determination.

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