Masshunter has encountered an error and needs to close B.06.00

This is the third time I have encountered this message while trying to bring in a method from acquired scan data.  Once this message appears the software abruptly closes and asks whether or not to send an error report.  This is extremely inconvenient and sets me back at least 2 hours each time this happens.  Is there anyway to remedy this?  

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  • Environmental mode was not released till MH Quant B.07.00. What is the revision you are using?

  • Hello  ,

    I can only find one known issue that can cause a crash to desktop for that version of quant. It can occur if you attempt to update qualifier responses and one of the targets or qualifiers is not found. There is nothing in the notes about this occurring when creating a method from scan data, but it may be possible under certain conditions that were not documented at the time.

    Otherwise there are a few thing you could try.

    Performing some general PC/Windows maintenance may help with overall stability.

    Do not attempt to process data on a network drive. This is unsupported and could have unpredictable results. 

    Finally, if none of these help, you could attempt to clear the stored Windows user preferences for quant. Later versions offer a tool for this called Restore User Settings. Before running that or manually clearing the settings, make certain you have any custom layouts or column settings saved, and make certain you know what report method you are using. All of these will be set back to defaults or cleared once you clear the user settings.

    To manually restore user settings, close all copies of quant. Make certain you have enabled viewing extensions and hidden folders in the file navigator.

    Then navigate to the folder C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\Agilent_Technologies,_Inc. where xxxxxx is the name of the currently logged in user. Once there, rename the folder QuantAnalysis.exe to QuantAnalysis.old. When you next launch quant it will be reset to defaults. 

  • Howard,

    Thank you for this.  I just wanted to reply since the information you provided is helpful.  We have decided to upgrade to the latest version of software rather than manually try and reset an old version.  

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