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We are looking for the simplest way to send our analysis results to a database so they can be processed or viewed with PowerBI. We are using MassHunter 10.1 Quant my Way with our Agilent LC MS QQQ

The most practical way would be to export something similar to the Masterfile (report.results.xml or csv, 22Mb average size) directly to a database. We can handle or ignore the irrelevant info later in the process.

I see that we should be able to do an SQL Direct Insert (which should be a fileless transfert according to Agilent Presentation  Better Data Faster with MassHunter Quantitative Analysis.)

I looked everywhere on the Agilent Website to find something that covers this topic or to find any instructions about that process but I could not find anything complete.

We also tried a few template to export the results (LIMSIntegration_export_Results, Gen_LIMS... etc.) but we are not sure those templates are as complete as what we would like.

Could you lead me to some ressources or provide an explanation on how we can export our sample/batch results smoothly to a database ?

Thank you for your help 

  • Hi  ,

    There are two videos included with the quant supplemental information that give a brief overview of using SQL direct insert. Basically you would need to utilize the SDK and make a custom Python based report. The report code would then access your external database and write results there rather than writing them out to a PDF or CSV file.

    As I mentioned in another discussion, you may need to go directly to the folder where the videos reside and view them from there. Opening them from the browser page does not work for some of the older video files. 

    You will need to load the SDK and follow the instructions to get it set up. Information on setting up the SDK can be found in this discussion. 

    There is a short example of some code referenced in the shipping template

    D:\MassHunter\Report Templates\Quant\PDF-Reporting\

    The actual code is in the file

    D:\MassHunter\Report Templates\Quant\PDF-Reporting\Codes\

    The SQL portion is commented out by default, as you would need to include the correct database library calls. Again this is just meant as a very simple example of what could be done and how you would begin to start doing this.

  • Hello  

    Thank you  for your help and your time.

    I have checked our system files and I cannot find this video folder.

    Is there a way to watch that video elsewhere or could you send me a link for it?

    Thank you for your time and your fast answer.

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