MassHunter custom Excel template not reporting not 'best' from the spectrum ID results section

Hello all,

I made a custom excel report template for GC-MS/FID data I'm working with in MassHunter B.10 and I'm having an issue getting the template to report the user selected "best" from the spectrum ID results list.

Here is how I've added the table to the template: 

Here is the selected spectrum ID result in MH and saved:

And here is the report output discrepancy:

It appears that the 'Best' element under 'SpectralLibrarySearchHit' is always being applied to the top hit from MH, regardless of which is selected as best. I'm wondering if I need to use 'ItemID' under 'SpectralLibrarySearchResult' somehow since it looks like that might be a parent group to the elements that I'm using. 

Any insight would be much appreciated!


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