MassHunter custom Excel template not reporting not 'best' from the spectrum ID results section

Hello all,

I made a custom excel report template for GC-MS/FID data I'm working with in MassHunter B.10 and I'm having an issue getting the template to report the user selected "best" from the spectrum ID results list.

Here is how I've added the table to the template: 

Here is the selected spectrum ID result in MH and saved:

And here is the report output discrepancy:

It appears that the 'Best' element under 'SpectralLibrarySearchHit' is always being applied to the top hit from MH, regardless of which is selected as best. I'm wondering if I need to use 'ItemID' under 'SpectralLibrarySearchResult' somehow since it looks like that might be a parent group to the elements that I'm using. 

Any insight would be much appreciated!


  • Hi  since your post is about MassHunter Software, I moved it to the Mass Spec Software forum for better visibility.

  • Hi,

    I've created and edited an excel template for custom reporting but I'm having an issue with the Spectrum Identification Results outputs. When multiple compounds are returned from the database search the report output does not correlate with the selected "Best" match. The table will fill with all the same compounds but it looks like the Best column is automatically sorted by Score and the Boolean is returned as TRUE for the top of the table no matter what is selected in the software.

    This issue isn't present in the pdf report template outputs but for our process having the output in excel or csv would be easier for post processing. Has anyone experienced this before? Are there any workarounds?

  • Hello and ,

    I have joined these two discussions as they appear to be about the same modified template.

    I have done some brief testing and have confirmed that in at least the shipping CompoundReport template if I choose another compound as a hit then that compound is reported. And if I add the Best column it is always true, whether I pick the compound with the higher score or another one. 

    I have not attempted to make it a repeating section, but I'm aware that it has been done successfully. 

    What report did you base your template on?

  • Hi Howard,

    I've been basing this off the shipped AnalysisReport template. They are all printed using custom report template. We do our integrations in navigator view and pull spectra and search spectra from there. They are not assigned as compounds through the compound discovery workflow.

  •  ,

    I apologize for the delay in getting back to you on this. What I have discovered is that SpectralLibrarySearchHitID will always have Best set to True for the best hit as determined by the search algorithm. If doing a compound workflow report, the selected best hit can be found under


    But, for a custom report using a manually searched spectrum, this section does not exist in the Report.xml file. Some information regarding the selected best hit for manually searched spectrum does go into the Report.xml file and is used to title plots and structures, but other information on the selected best library entry does not appear to be available. So currently I’m not able to suggest a way to report that information for a manually identified spectrum in Navigator view.

    To see what information is available for Excel reporting for a particular qual report, go to the Configuration menu and select Intermediate Report Files… It should default to D:\MassHunter\reports\temp. Enable the option to Keep intermediate report directories.

    After doing this, whenever a report is generated, the temp report folder will not be deleted and you can examine the generated graphics files and the Report.xml file.

    Once you have finished your report development work it is best to disable this option again, as large reports with lots of graphics could start to take up a fair amount of disk space.  

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