SDK for Masshunter and how can I code


is there a possibility to coding by SDK extensions for masshunter software?

I want to code a little AddOn/AddIn for Compund at-a-glance in Masshunter.

We have a lot of parameters in our methods. For some paremeters we have exceptions cases.

I would like if an employee meet a certain parameter that a "tool tip" with a text like "attention" is displayed in the right corner of the first pane in the window "Compound at-a-glance" of masshunter.

Is this possible?

  • Hello ,

    Compounds at a Glance does have properties and methods you can access in the SDK. A quick look through what is available doesn't show a way to do exactly what you are describing, but it may be possible to check for a condition and display a dialog box. If you are running one of the later versions of quant you may be able to use outlier filtering to quickly filter and display exception results for your users. This could either be done from the default UI or from the SDK I believe. 

  • Sorry for the late responding.

    Is there a way to have a window open in parallel to the compounds-at-a-glance window and have all the information about the current parameter there?


  • Hello  ,

    There are two options for doing this in CAG. First, if you right click on any compound in CAG you can choose the option to Navigate to Batch Table... and it will take you to that compound and sample in the batch table.

    The other option is found in the Properties... dialog for a compound. If you enable Synchronize Navigation then if you click in CAG it will take you to the entry in the batch table, or if you click in the batch table it will navigate to the compound in CAG.

    If you have multiple monitors or an ultrawide monitor this can be very useful for reviewing a batch. 

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