filtering in compound at a glance


i have problem with filtering in quant MH10.1 in compound at a glance. How should i write it, when i want use in sampler filter, column userdefined from compound method? I wrote this in quantcompoundataglance.config file SampleFilter="CompoundMethod=UserDefined4='Reported', but that doesnt work.

Thank you.

  • And 1 more question can i somehow link y axis from 1st cal point, even i dont have it in batch table?

  • Hello ,

    I am not aware of any way to filter samples based on UserDefinedn entries for compounds. Even if only one compound is given an entry for one of the UserDefinedfields then all samples would have an entry for that field. Are you wanting to only view specific compounds in specific samples? Or what do you want to accomplish with this filtering?

    For the y axis linking, what I am finding that the scaling option fit to lowest level works in both compound information view and in reporting even if the lowest level cal sample is not in the current batch. 

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