MSD Chemstation won't open - message "in use by another session"

Cannot get MSD Chemstation to open - get a message "Mass Spec is already in use by another session".  Version G1701EA E.02.02.1431 / WIN 10 operating system.  System was shut down temporarily and on startup,  the software does not open.  It is an Agilent 5975MS with a 6890N GC.  Tried rebooting the controller on the MS itself, but that did not work.  Also looked at binding order, but possibly did not do that correctly.  Both MS and GC can be pinged successfully from the PC.  Does anyone know what might be wrong?  Thanks

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  • I found out that win7 chemstation doesn't know how to prioritize different network cards when its looking for the GC connections. We didnt have WIFI but if I unplugged the network LAN cable (leaving the GC LAN connected) when I was booting up chemstation it would properly connect. After the program was open I could reconnect the network and things seemed to work fine.

    We upgraded to Masshunter and windows 10 recently and it does not seem to have this issue. We can leave everything connected and Masshunter finds the right IP's when booting up.

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