MSD Chemstation won't open - message "in use by another session"

Cannot get MSD Chemstation to open - get a message "Mass Spec is already in use by another session".  Version G1701EA E.02.02.1431 / WIN 10 operating system.  System was shut down temporarily and on startup,  the software does not open.  It is an Agilent 5975MS with a 6890N GC.  Tried rebooting the controller on the MS itself, but that did not work.  Also looked at binding order, but possibly did not do that correctly.  Both MS and GC can be pinged successfully from the PC.  Does anyone know what might be wrong?  Thanks

  • Hi tdnola,

    This is a smart card that thinks its already being controlled by a Chemstation. The most common and quickest fix is to restart(power cycle) the MSD which will clear the lock. I usually like to restart the system rather than just one module. Its worth noting that the version of Chemstation you are using is not a supported solution on the Windows 10 platform.



  • Does it make sense to buy a new Smart card if we are unable to clear the lock?

  • Hello ,

    * sorry, I couldn't see anything critical in the LOG


    * buy new smartcard? no, there are other more typical errors.


    * Further ideas that might help: SW reinstallation & *IO-Library*

    ~ If we can make sure that the LAN card (NiC) settings are correct (for testing only use the chemical NiC), then we can reinstall the SW.
    ~ BTW Question: what happened to the PowerShell command to test the LAN card?


    ~ Typically the SW could be reinstalled now:

    the MSD needs the so-called IO-Library for communication, maybe it is damaged in the meantime.
    unfortunately this is not a simple issue:
    a) by default G1701 E.02 needs/installs the IO-Lib 15 /15.5, but this is not released/tested for Win10 (same like G1701)
    b) Windows 10 is supported from IO Lib 17 on, but:
       following MS Chemstation installation will fail, because G1701 absolutely expects an IO Lib 15.x.


    So as an installation idea [perform a communication test after each step]:
    1.) Reinstall IO Lib 15.5 (included in G1701 SW disc)
    2.) Install MS ChemStation G1701 new
    3.) Maybe install a new Win10 compatible IO library:
             Minimum is IO Lib 17
             Download at:
             Alternative: google search => keysight io libraries 17.3

    [The topic discussed here does not correspond in any way to an Agilent supported environment (Win 10 & new IO-Library)]


    regards, M.

  • thanks for the picture.

    Interpretation of your powershell image:
       Lines 1&2 show the house NiC (because DHCP is active there).
       The chemical LAN card definitely has only a subordinate function: for a dual LAN card use this is not OK!

       Interface metric definition: the lower the value, the higher the LAN card priority. Unfortunately the Chemical LAN card must be set to priority 1    (= on a very low interface metric value).



    IDEA - disable DOMAN card:
       * probably the following will not help, but it is a test that can save the complex SW installation.

       * in the overview of all LAN cards, right click on domain card & select DISABLE.
       * in your case you have to disable "Ethernet" (not "Ethernet 2")



    * recommendation: if possible rename the LAN cards, then future identification is much easier.
          "Ethernet 2" => chemical
          "Ethernet" => Domain or House

  • Here are the results of the Powershell command.  In the meantime I need to locate the software.  Thanks!



  • Unfortunately disabling Domain card did not help.  On the hunt for the software right now.

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