MassHunter 4.5 & 7700x: BootP MAC address issue



I recently replaced a SmartCard in my 7700x and have not been able to communicate with the mass spec via MH. The IP settings appear to be correct for the peer to peer connection ( PC192.168.1.128 7700x; subnet masks) with my crossover cable. The hosts file shows the correct IP and host name ( ICPMS01). 


   My issue may be related the MAC address in the "launch manager" of BootP settings. The current MAC address, etc. reads as follows: "000000000000 ICPMS01." I've attempted to modify this by replacing with the LAN MAC ADDR. on the smartcard (0030D330D6C7), but I am unable to modify the string of 0's. So I then attempted to add another device with the desired MAC and deleting the problem device, after a few tries it always reverts back to 000... as device 1 (screenshots attached showing launch manager in these steps). Also, when I check the BootP bin files, the logfile does not contain any information at all, despite checking to log bootp requests. Any attempts to "set communication" in MH with the ICP always fail after the ping request times out.   


   Has anyone had any issues swapping out a SmartCard on a 7700x and editing the new MAC address to properly communicate with MassHunter? Any tips to recognize the new card? I really appreciate any help.



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