Calibrant bottle is empty or nebulizer is clogged


We have an agilent ultivo qqq and last week when trying to run a checktune it failed giving a message saying calibrant bottle is empty or nebulizer is clogged. Nevertheless the calibrant bottle is definitely not empty, and the nebulizer also doesnt seem clogged. There is no backpressure, the analysis are still giving correct results, and the shape of the nebulizer spray seems correct.

Any clue what we can try to do to troubleshoot it?


  •   This message will appear if no tune solution is being sprayed at the beginning of a tune or there are a significant number of dropouts. 

    It looks like you already confirmed that there is calibrant tune solution in the CDS bottle. Next, I would recommend turning on the calibrant and checking the spray by removing the nebulizer from the ion source. Additionally, you can use the provided nebulizer adjustment kit to inspect and adjust the nebulizer if necessary. 

    If you rerun the tune and this message no longer appears, you are good to go. 

    For more information regarding maintenance tasks, see the LC/TQ User Guide on the LC/MS User Documentation Community Page

  • Hi,

    I suggest to run an auto-tune, then you will have a checktune report at the end of a sucessful auto-tune. If the auto-tune fails for the same reason you have mentioned and gives the same error message and you are sure the bottle not empty and nebulizer needle is properly aligned and the nebuilzer spray is good, then, I could say you have to try another glass capillary (Ion injector).

    Have a good luck.

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