High Consumption of Reference Mass Solution

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the reference mass solution, which we use with our QToF 6540B (with Dual AJS ESI). The consumption of the solution is relatively high in my opinion. A 100 mL bottle is barely enough for an analysis over night (~14 h). I wanted to ask, if this high demand is normal, or if our device is maybe somehow set up false.

Thank you very much for your inputs.

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  • Hi Jan, 

    I have a 45XT and ours last many days worth of continuous feed. If I recall, it's supposed to only consume ~10-20 uL/min so it should last quite a while. Yours is more like 100uL/hr. Typically if there's a leak, it will set off the sensor but you should check under the cover just in case.  

    Your CDS could be plumbed incorrectly but I think it's really just a solenoid and a very long PEEK line. If the line hasn't been trimmedback, there's not many places for it to go. 

    Do you see a ripple in the surface of the reference mass solution when the bottle is installed? It could mean you're not getting a good seal and you're evaporation it via N2. The glass bottles are notoriously hit or miss in terms of the seal.  

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