Peak Width Adjust error: Gain is at minimum and the abundance is too large!

My tune signal was low, and I just changed the Electron Multiplier Horn.

I checked in Agilent website and for MS 6120 should be part#


This looks identical from the old one, except  for the color:

Once, installed, and got vacuum, I autotune. The signal boosted... maybe too much, since the autotune failed with this error message:

Did I get the wrong EM horn?

Is there any other way I can fix this?


  • Hi Daniel,

    I hope you are well. From what I have you probably have the wrong horn. The white one is the Low Gain EM replacement horn, LCMS G1960-80103 I believe was meant for the later versions of the 6100s Whilst the green one which should be the right one for this system is the High gain version Electron multiplier replacement horn PN: 05971-80103. I haven't worked on this product for a while but I know from past experience that crazy things happen when the wrong horn is used even if they look somewhat compatible. I suggest you get in contact with your FSE maybe they can seek clarification from FSG on your behalf. I however think you have the wrong horn. Good luck.

  • Thank you for your answer. I just emailed Agilent and copy-pasted your point.

    For now, I put the old EM horn, and still working. I will wait to get an answer from Agilent before trying again.

    Thank you so much for the warning!! I will post the outcome.

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