Agilent 6120 ESI Tune losing signal for high MW


Comparing my tune signal now and months and years ago, I see a drop in signal. It used to be in the 300.000 for low mass and 50K for high. Now I have 50K for low and very low (~1000) for high. Last time only 290 for the high mass (see report attached).  So the Tune passes, but I must lose sensitivity.
I cleaned the capillary, and it did not help too much.
How should I proceed?
- clean ion funnel?
- clean optics?
- get a new capillary?

Any advice?

Thank you

  • Dear Andy

    Thank you for your reply.

    I run also autotune and I got similar results.

    What would be the best way to troubleshoot this issue?

    1. I will replace the Tune Mix and check the tune again.

    2. If this does not fix it, then I assume I have to clean ion optics assembly?

    3. If this does not fix it, clean the high-energy dynode.

    4. If this does not fix it, replace the electron multiplier horn

    From the manual (G1960-90154_SingleQuad_Maintenance.pdf), it is not clear where the electron multiplier is located. Are there better instructions I can follow?

    They only provide two images, without context on how to reach it:

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