Cannot complete quad tune on 6520 QTOF/LC-MS

Hi, I would be grateful for the community's insight on an issue that has been plaguing our 6520 Accurate-Mass QTOF-LC/MS. We are able to successful turn on the instrument, power condition, do mass calibrations, and TOF tunes (all the way from quick tunes to initial tunes). However, upon doing a quad tune, we hit a roadblock.

We get the error message: "Error 99 AdjustPeakWidth.Err.number[99], err.Description{Abundance for mass 322.05 is too low for accurate tuning. Please make sure there is sufficient calibrant and that the TOF is tuned and calibrated. WG: 4000 WO: 4096 MG: 1624 MO:411]" 

We are running the instrument with a Dual ESI Ion Source and we are using fresh ESI-L Low Concentration Tuning Mix from Agilent (this is what we have done in the past many times with success). I am having trouble understanding how we are able to calibrate and tune the TOF if the instrument isn't able to detect mass 322.048121 successfully. I have tried both a regular quad tune as well as initial tune and get the same error message. We are doing a quad tune because our baseline chromatograms are just fuzz and in the past a successful quad tune with Lens2RF refocusing did the trick. 

Any insight you might provide would be greatly appreciated! Attached is an image of a quad tune in progress in case you might notice something off with our parameters. This runs for about half an hour before failing on average. 

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