Calibration of 6460 triple quad instrument

Dear MS scientist, 

Please suggest me abut below the calibration report of MS-6460 triple quad.

What should we do next whether MS need servicing ?  

  • Given that your 322 peak is showing up as 311 with the other ions only marginally outside their calibration window, I would suggest that that you have a contaminant in the tune mix (calibrant solution). I would dispose of the current solution, wash out the bottle with LCMS grade ACN and then replace with new tune mix (P/N G1969-85000). Then run an Autotune in both polarities. Come back on this thread if the problem continues or changes form. Cheers, Danny

  • Thank you Dr. Danny for your detail suggestion. Sincerely, Yogesh 

  • Dear Dr. Danny, 

    After doing the above suggestion, these messages are came 

    Message-1 came first and then after few seconds 2nd one. 

    After closing these message calibration get aborted. 

    Please let us know if MS need servicing?

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