6460 Triplequad LC-MS Communication Problem


We have a mass spectroscopy device coded 6460 Triplequad LC-MS. We are using this device about 10 years. Nowadays, we are having problems in communicating with the device. When we first start it, it has a communication with the PC (QQQ). But after a few hours, it is loosing the ethernet connection with the switch and therefore with the PC, so it is getting unusable. We checked the IPv4 settings of the PC, and all of them was the same with the ones stated in the manual. Yesterday it was working with full functionality, but this morning it lost the communication again. The service in Turkey said that the mainboard of the device should be changed, but, as an IT expert, I think we can find another cheaper solutions, even maybe we can fix it with some setting changes. Maybe we can use an USB/RJ45 converter for the communication port. Linux operating system is running on the device mainboard, if I learn the login password, we can mount the usb port as communication port over the converter. But of course, there might be other software solutions... I want to be exactly sure that the mainboard should be changed. If you could help me, we really appreciated.

P.S.: Please do not direct this support request to the service in Turkey. We dealed with them and they don't have smart solutions. I want a real help from an expert in your company. I believe that we can identify exactly and solve this problem.

Thanks a lot from now.

Best wishes.

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