Intact proteomics using an Agilent 6546 Q-TOF

Hi, I would like to use an Agilent 6546QTOF for intact protein analysis including alignment to a known peptide sequence. Is the newest version of BioConfirm 11 capable of deconvoluting the high-resolution mass spectrum? If not, is there any other software available? 

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    EDIT - my colleagues have pointed out that while Bioconfirm does work on accurate mass data it currently cannot perform intact protein deconvolution on data produced by the 6546 QTOF. Bioconfirm Version 11.0 has not yet been released and we do not currently have any information on what feature sets it will include.

    ORIGINAL REPLY - Yes, Boiconfirm was optimized to deconvolute accurate mass data. You can reach out to your regional sales person using the links on this page for more information on how to purchase Bioconfirm software. 

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    Using Bioconfirm 10 it will usually perform deconvolution of the 10GHz 6546 data and return a deconvoluted spectra but also an error message. It then doesn't populate the biomolecules table with the deconvolution results so you can't do any matching. A solution to this problem is not far away from release.


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  • When exactly the new version will be released? Can Bioconfirm 10 still do the deconvolution and give peak ratios of different isoforms? This is sth we will be looking for with 6546 for transferrin isoform analysis for CDG diagnosis

  • Release dates are not finalized yet, but the release is expected to be relatively soon. I believe the answer to the second question is yes.   The deconvolution peak table is still available for 6546 deconvolution spectra spectra.  The histogram for BioMolecules will not be possible for 6546 data until version 11 releases.

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