Agilent 6460 instrument communication error

I have been tasked with getting an Agilent QQQ up and running. I am not experienced on the instrument or LC/MS in general. I was able to get the instrument started from a complete shutdown and it passed a check tune after a full autotune. Then when I tried to load a method and set up a run I encountered the following error:

I tried everything suggested in the error message and still have the same problem. I also got some other errors coming up:   

Can you tell me what might be the cause. I apologise in advance for my ignorance with this, as I mentioned I am not an experienced user. Any help you can provide would wonderful. Kind regards Mark
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  • The acquisition version I have is B.06.00. I did try those items listed. The instrument is no longer flashing red now which is good. However the QQQ still shows as offline. It says Not Ready Condition: Drive off, also. I was able to have our service engineer come out and he was thinking it could be something to do with the software since there doesn't seem do be an issue with the network. 
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