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We recently started using column switching on our 6470 QQQ. Essentially we have two differnent methods, phases and columns on the same instrument. We injected two batches sequentially, batch 1 and 2, adding both worklists to the same que, but the data from batch 2 ends up in the same location as batch 1 despite building both worklists offline, and giving each a distinct location.


Is there a way to get  the data from batch 1 and 2 to save in seperate locations when they are injected in from the same que?


Thanks in advance.



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  • John-


    Probably the easiest way to accomplish this is to use Study Manager and submit a worklist only study



    Another option would be to include the different path in the data file name for each sample name in the worklist table.  i.e. specify the desired path in the worklist table

  • Hi  


    I finally got some time to try this yesterday and it works very well for us. I was able to set up the injection of two different batches on going to different file locations. I also get an estimated time remaining window, which is very helpful. 


    Thanks for the help!



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