Restriction Capillary Used For Leak Test

Where is the Restriction Capillary for the Leak Test on the Agilent 1100 installed?

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    the Restriction Capillary is not used for a Leak Rate Test. It has a different purpose, which is usually to increase the pressure of a system for different reasons. What you need is the Blank Nut (01080-83202). That would normally be used at the purge valve where the capillary comes out and goes to the Autosampler. You take that capillary out of the purge valve and put the blank nut there instead. I would suggest getting Agilent Lab Advisor for that since it can run it for you and give you instructions as well. It is a great diagnostic tool for Agilent HPLC.

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  • I am new to this and am following the prompts that our quat pump diagnosis screen lists about at step 6.  It says to install Capillary (Part No. G1313-87305).  I am just confused why?

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