check seal wash flowpath for proper operation.


Got the  message: check seal wash flowpath for proper operation. Flow path is OK, droplets at the end are visible. Agilent 1290 InfinityII. EMV warning still appears afet 10 minutes of flushing.


  • Here are a few troubleshooting steps and considerations to address this issue:

    1. Ensure Proper Seal Wash Setup

    • Verify that the seal wash setup is correct according to the system's manual. This includes checking the seal wash solvent reservoir, tubing connections, and that the seal wash is correctly activated in the software settings.

    2. Inspect and Clean the Seal Wash Port

    • Sometimes, particulate matter or precipitates from the wash solvent can clog the seal wash port. Carefully inspect and clean the port and associated tubing. Use a suitable solvent to flush the port thoroughly.

    3. Check for Air Bubbles

    • Air bubbles in the seal wash flow path can interfere with proper operation. Ensure there are no air bubbles by flushing the system with a high flow rate or by manually priming the seal wash line.

    4. Examine Tubing and Connections

    • Examine all tubing and connections for leaks, cracks, or wear. Replace any faulty tubing or fittings. Ensure that all connections are secure and properly seated.

    5. Replace Consumables

    • If the seal wash pump uses any consumable parts, such as filters or seals, consider replacing them if they are old or worn out. Over time, these components can degrade and affect the performance of the seal wash system.

    6. Seal Wash Solvent

    • Ensure the solvent used for seal washing is appropriate and clean. Contaminated or inappropriate solvents might not effectively clean the seals or could contribute to system errors.

    7. Firmware and Software

    • Ensure your system's firmware and software are up to date. Sometimes, bugs that cause erroneous messages can be fixed with software updates.

    8. Consult the Manual and Agilent Support

  • Thank you for the answer:
    we cannot see something obviously in the flow path. 
    Firmware  is B.07.37 (00002): is there a need to update?

  • Hello,

    For this you will need to contact your Agilent support. I am here to help , I am not an Agilent employée. Sorry

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