Fraction collection in 7100 capillary electrophoresis

Hi, I have a 7100 capillary electrophoresis system, and am trying to use the Fraction Collection feature. Does anyone confirm that the system automatically splits peaks that are larger than 30 s? If so, is there a way I can ask the system to collect the two parts the peak has been split into in the same vial, to avoid collected sample dilution? Thanks.

  • Hi,

    Concerning your question  : 

    - Automatic Peak Splitting: Yes, the system is designed to enhance the collection of fractions by potentially splitting large peaks to ensure that fractions are collected more precisely.

    - Collecting Split Peaks in the Same Vial: The ability to customize how fractions are collected, including directing split parts of a peak into the same vial, would typically be managed through the system's software settings.

    If you're looking to collect the two parts of a split peak into the same vial to avoid dilution, you would need to adjust the fraction collection settings to ensure that the entire peak is collected into a single vial despite its duration. This might involve:

    • Adjusting the Collection Window: Increase the time window for fraction collection to encompass the entire duration of the peak, rather than splitting it based on a predefined duration limit.
    • Software Settings: Explore the software's advanced settings for fraction collection. There might be an option to specify that fractions within a certain time proximity should be collected into the same vial.

  • Thank you, unfortunately we tried to set a collection window much larger than the peak duration, but the peak got split again. And in the version of the software we are using no advanced settings allowing to collect different peaks into the same vial is available. We are collecting "manually", by stopping the run as soon as the peak disappears from the detection window and applying a flush, but obviously an automatic procedure would be much less time-consuming. Thank you again for your hints.

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