Manuale injection and infinite "acquiring" status with openLab cds

Hello to everybody.

I have an HPLC 1260 infinity II with openLab CDS, with manual injector.

Unfortunately, it happens to me that at the end of the runtime of an injection, the instrument goes to the "idle" status but the injection file stays in the "acquiring" status for an infinite time, without ever going to the "completed" status. Thus the only way I have to do another injection is the "aborted" function but in this way, the file for data analysis is not generated. Please help me to solve this? I am going through the manuals now but I can't figure it out....

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  • Thanks a lot for all the screenshots. This really helped. I managed to get to the same state as you. In my case, I switched too fast back to Load. Hence, I recommend the following.

    Check the flow of how you operate the manual injector. Manual injector is in the Load position. Submit the injection (single or sequence). Perform injection from the syringe to the manual injector loop. When in the RunQueue you see Acquiring, trigger the manual injector to the Inject position. Let the run finish. Transfer the manual injector to the Load position. The system is ready for the next injection.

    Does it help to resolve your issue? I might have one more idea, but it is more time demanding to test.

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