How to connect a Sedere Sedex ELSD 100 to an Agilent 1260 HPLC

We have an Agilent Infinity 1260 HPLC system consisting of an autosampler (G7129A) and a pump (G7111A). We would like to connect an ELSD from Sedere (Senex 100LT) to this system. We use OpenLab EZChrom software.
An Agilent technician said that this is possible in principle, but we have problems how to connect the cables for start, autozero and signal with the HPLC. The first thought was to use the Enhanced Remote Interface, but here the connection is not clear/understandable. Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this problem? Many thanks in advance.

  • I don't know the Sedex ELSD 100, but many years ago, Agilent had a cooperation with Sedere and we sold their ELSD Sedex 85 as an Agilent G4218A ELSD. They were supported on EZ Chrom Elite. However, this model fully obsolete now and we stopped our cooperation with Sedere. Sourcing parts from Agilent will be very difficult or even a losing game. You might want to check with Sedere. Control was RS232 only. Nowadays we do offer Agilent G426XB and G7102A ELSDs. 

  • HI, i have only compatibility matrix for OpenLab 2, all ELSD can be support via ELSD driver , but im not sure about EZChrom 

    UPD: loks like OpenLab 2 can control it via agilent driver , for OL EzChrom you should buy sedere driver, see a data sheet 

  • I have a Sedex 85 LTII (Shimadzu version) connected to an Agilent 1100 LC system.  We had to purchase an Agilent 1200 Infinity Universal Interface Box II (G1390B).  With the UIB box configured in our OpenLAB CDS LC ChemStation software, I can collect the ELSD signal, trigger A/Z, ELSD Gas on/off, power down, etc.  However, our software cannot control the ELSD parameters; ergo, we must manually input the conditions on the ELSD front panel.

    I can only assume that an UIB box or something similar could interface with OpenLab EZChrom software.

    I get different answers from Agilent on whether there are drivers to control our Shimadzu LT II; but, I gather that is most likely not an option.  May be different for your case.

    Our Technical Sales rep. fleshed out the UIB II configuration and necessary cables for our particular ELSD and Agilent LC.  So, I highly suggest contacting Agilent Tech Support or your Sales person.

  • You can use a 35900E analog to digital converter.  You would set the method parameters for the ELSD from its front panel, then connect a remote cable between the ELSD and the 35900 E as well as an analog signal cable.

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