Problems with alignment in Autosampler G1367B

I have a problem with a 1200 hALS that has lost its homing and positioning for the sample locations in the tray. Unit started up fine and then complained about x-axis not moving to right location. Suggested I service the X-Axis motor, encoder and sensor. I checked those were working. I did find hardened grease on the drive and cleaned and re-lubed with Lithium grease #2. Moving fine now. But it has lost it's 0,0 position. if fails after moving the sampling arm around after restart because it lowers into a sample well in the wrong position. I have tried a transport alignment in Agilent Lab Advisor software but it does not make it through the routine and opens the door in failure. Is there a way to do a hard reset so that I can make it through the routine? I found one for the G1367A but not the G1376B. Thank you for your help. Any body else have similar issues in the past. I would like to build a history file on this subject. /cfs-file/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/41/

  • You can move the config switches 1,2, and 8 to the up position and all others down. Then power on the instrument. The cold start is then complete and you can return to your original configuration and then try the alignment procedure again.

  • Hello, I guess you have problem with motor for X axis or broken/cracked motor pulley wheel or belt...since this is quite an old instrument I have seen a lot of them with problematic motor pulley wheel and belt. Cold start suggested from kbusch could help you if it is firmware/software issue, but if you have hardware problem then cold start wont help because your transport arm is not moving fast enough because motor pulley is broken or missing teeth. I suggest you try cold start, if this wont help you should take transport assembly out of autosampler, remove black plastic cover at the back and take a look at the motor on the left side of the assembly. Motor can be ordered Slight smile

  • Well,  I thank everyone for their help. I am learning, and so I set the DIP switches were pushed into 1,2,8 only high. Then restarted. It restarts and then fails. The problem is that the Lab Advisor is running via RS232 and it stops communicating because of DIP position. This means I did not have a way to initialize the alignment (needle location) routine. Well I thought I would go back to the CAN connected local PC running ChemStations and try from there. Under the diagnostic tab, I did not find a routine to align.

    Should I only align after the cold start routine is complete? and then go back to RS232 comms to run the Lab advisor Alignment procedure? 

  • Also does anyone know the reference manual part number for the G1367B? the reference manual I have does not state the G1367B. I have manual G1329-90020 Thank you!

  • Actually I just received it from Agilent. it is part number 


  • For cold start routine you just turn instrument OFF, set switches and turn instrument back ON. You dont need to start any aligment procedure. If autosampler could not initialize by it self then you have a HW problem and you need to take transport assembly out from autosampler and inspect X axis motor/belt/motor pulley wheel

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