Do I need a restriction capillary for an Intensity Test on my G1321A RID?

The User Manual is not showing in which conditions the Intensity Test is conducted. Do I need to replace the column? What would be the part number?

  • I guess you mean FLD, not RID?

    Ideally, the FLD intensity test is done using the conditions used for wavelength accuracy test and S/N test, so water at 0.25 ml/min. A restriction capillary (2m x0.12mm, PN 5022-2159) should be used.

    However, for a quick check it can also be run without flow (but I would make sure that the cell has been flushed with water or IPA).

    There are no limits for the intensity test. It's advisable to check for the maximum (for a brand-new FLD this usually ranges from ~16000 to 20000) and a steep increase in the low UV range.

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