Lower Flowrate at End of Method

I want to have the pumps retain the last flowrate from the method and NOT load initial conditions.

I am using Chromeleon 7.3 with a 1290 pump and vial sampler. I would be happy to hear how Chemstation does it too (as maybe it will help somehow).

With Chromeleon 6.8 I was able to have my pumps lower to 0.1mL/min by setting the flow using a trigger. I tried that here and it always loads the initial flowrate after the method. The idea of returning to initial seems so backwards to me there has to be a way around that.

I ask because this is a walkup instrument for chemists. So, a 'shutdown' or 'standby' method solution will not work. The alternative would be to have the flow change PRIOR to inject. BUT I can't get it to do that. It always wants to adjust flow AFTER inject. 

I have tried setting the initial flow to 0.1 mL/min. THen at time 0.00 1mL/min. However, it waits until after the injection to apply this. If I move the command it changes my initial to 1mL/min. 

Thank you

  • Hello,

    In chemstation, there is the ability to set a shutdown macro or a standby macro.

    This is typically how the methods are working in chemstation as well. When the method is finished, the instrument goes back to the initial flow. A way to do it would be to have a method with no injection and a flow rate of 0.1 ml/min. Add this method as the last method of the chromeleon sequence and this will then apply this ending flow rate. Keep timepoint zero and initial flow 0.1 ml/min if this is the desired idle flow.

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