How to fix the issue as the fog on surface of Transport G7129


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I'm using ALS G7129 with sample cooler, I have a setup the temperature about 5oC. But when I set up to this temperature, ALS always have an issue as the fog stagnated on the surface transport ( picture attached), and sometimes ALS did'nt recognize sample tray. This causes serious problem when I have to run the sample overnight, because the sequence will stop suddently at anytime. Otherwise, I'm afraid that when water stagnated on the surface of transport, it'll affect the operation of the transport in the future. So, How to fix this issue?


  • Hello DoKien,

    Condensation might occur in the interior of the autosampler when the relative humidity is high in the laboratory, especially when it is in combination with a high ambient temperature. You can minimize the extent of the condensation by avoiding frequent door openings.

    Condensation on the internal stainless steel surfaces is no subject of concern. It will not cause harm to internal components, such as the transport assembly.

    Here is some relevant information from the user manual:

    It is unlikely that the problems with the vial drawer recognition observed for this autosampler would be caused by condensation. This issue is most likely due to one of the following causes:

    • The vial drawers do not snap firmly into place anymore when pushed in.
    • The distance is too large between the photoelectric sensors of the transport assembly and the white tags on the back of the vial drawers.

    I would advise you to reach out to the Agilent customer care team. They will advise you accordingly.

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  • Hi, could you please share with us information about humidity in laboratory?i think not less then 80%

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