G1364E Delay in Fraction Collection

Hi everyone, 

I have some problems with a 1260 Infinity II Prep HPLC system. 
I updated the firmware earlier this week because we had troubles with the needle piercing the bottom of the safety wash port, resulting in holes and leakage from the needle wash. 
I was told that it was a known firmware issue, and therefore updated the system. 

Now we see a delay in our fraction collection (see attached photo) when using peak-based collection. 
I thought the delay was a good thing corresponding to the delay between the detector and fraction collector, but we have not previously experienced this delay. 
When we set the delay value to "off" instead of "as calibrated" we still see this delay. The system has not been calibrated while I have been working with it, and we have normally collected the fractions without any delay. 

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to solve our problem? We have a G1364E fraction collector.

Thank you in advance!

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