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HPLC1260. L'offset de l'injecteur est à 0 , donc l'aiguille devrait descendre jusqu'à 2mm du fond du vial. Avec 0.5 mL d'échantillons dans mon vial je n'ai pas de chromato. Lorsque je place un insert dans le vial c'est ok. Qnn peux m'expliquer d'où vient le souci ? Je travaille en parallèle avec un HPLC1100 et je n'ai aucun souci de volume. Les réglages sont identiques.

  • The offset of 0 is too high on the 1260 vialsampler to reliably inject from 0.5mL sample in a 2mL vial.  Try setting the offset to -1 or -1.5 and you should get something injected.

    I guess the 1100 sampler actually goes deeper into the vial!


  • The Agilent Community is an English forum.  Here is the question translated...

    "Injector setting"

    "HPLC1260. The offset of the injector is at 0, so the needle should go down to 2mm from the bottom of the vial. With 0.5 mL of samples in my vial I have no peaks. When I place an insert in the vial it's ok.  can you explain to me where the problem comes from? I work in parallel with an HPLC1100 and I have no problem with volume. The settings are identical.

  • Depending on the type of sampler, the default offset value 0 could mean either 2 or 1 mm above the vial/well bottom. On well-plate samplers, the position of the needle might also be defined by the driver.

    Vial samplers usually don't offer bottom sensing, but well-plate samplers do, so if your sample volume is limited, use the bottom sensing function, if available. Otherwise you might want to try out conical vials or vial inserts.

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