Find old firmware revisions

Нello! Could you help me with the search for old firmware versions for LC modules:

Main Firmware:




Resident Firmware




Thanks a lot in advance!!!

  • We only offer the latest FW of each (modern) set (e.g. set X.07.XX, X.06.5X...), but we take older FW revisions off the web for good reasons: newer versions will have bug fixes and improvements. Why would one want to put on old FW version, which has bugs, which have been fixed already?

    I know, some companies, working in regulated environment, put specific FW revisions in their SOPs, but this is not the smartest idea, as it "ties" themselves to old FW revisions with all their disadvantages. Newer FW is usually backwards compatible, so your FW can be too low, but never too high. There are also situations, where certain hardware changes require a FW upgrade. Not upgrading the FW in such situation, will lead to non-functional hardware. In such cases, we release an official Service Note, which can be shown to the authorities.

  • Just my case from the one you described. Firmware versions are written in the SOP. This is a temporary measure. Updating the firmware to the latest versions is scheduled for the end of the year. Now, in order to continue the operation of the enterprise, old versions of firmware are urgently needed.

  • Understood. Please send an email with all the details to and we will take care of it. Sometimes it might take a little longer to get a reply, due to some other responsibilities.

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